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Personal Memories...

Funny story from senior class trip involving lunch trays on the slopes

getting kicked off ski runs; now everyone is snowboarding, did I start that?

Mike Smith

Freshman Beanies, art with Sr. Joyce

Linda Bretcher

Too many to list but they are all great memories of great people from the class of '77 especially the Crewbies and Patrons of Bryz's Pub

Danny Bryz

I remember getting caught smoking in the girls bathroom and getting 3 saturdays!! Senior trip going sking....(hated that). Playing hookie...senior year with Celeste Weisbecker, Debby Bennett, Doreen Marquez...and going to the Atlantic City Boardwalk!! Ha!! (not to obvious in our uniforms!!!) Miss all my friends!

Lucy Eccles


There are so many good memories from High school days at Holy Spirit!!!! Alot of my fun times were with Nancy France, Debbie Bonanni, Dawn Dailey, Mary Ruley(grade school also!),Kim Stuart(since childhoold) so many other people!!!! Senior Ski Trip,Pittsfield Mass.,the stairwell railings were greased with vaseline!! Does anyone remember that! The Stories! we'll have to talk about and LOL at the reunion!!!

Lamarr Fundenberg


School Story:    Admirable teachers

Thanksgiving football game

Beanies and one-way stairs

I LOVED that cafeteria food

All the girls I (secretly) loved

Mr. Marczak demonstrating birthing position

Smoking area for kids; what were they thinking?

So many people whose last names end in consonants!

Joseph Garcia



Mario Guerro


My wife can't believe that I keep in touch with my HS friends from 30+ years ago who live over 1000 miles away! I guess that's what "friends for life" means.

Bill Hughes

My fondest memories include being with friends on 13th Street beach in Brigantine and wearing my first bikini. I remember slathering myself with baby oil to get that perfect tan. I remember riding my bike from Absecon to Brigantine because I was too impatient to wait for public transportation. I remember using two cans of Sun-In on my hair one sunny day and completely bleaching it. I remember participating in the bowling club and being so embarrassed about it that my best friend, Sharon, and I hid in the ladies room when they took the yearbook picture even though I was an excellent bowler. I remember white painter's pants being popular, "Hey Jude" being the last song played at the school dances, my prom date (when I was a sophomore) hooking up with another girl at a party later that night, leaving my frog in formaldehyde so long that it completely dissolved, enjoying music by the Eagles, Beach Boys and Bread, sneaking into the Rum Point Pub, being in awe the first time I went over the newly built Brigantine Bridge and how I loved Brigantine pre casinos. I remember the school lab being blown up, and the rumors surrounding one of our classmates that she left school because was pregnant. I remember going to see Young Frankenstein at the Tilton before it became a multi-movie complex, and the much anticipated Star Wars movie there too, but fell asleep the moment it started and woke up the minute it ended (and I still haven't seen it after all these years!). I also remember the Brigantine Pier and haunted house before it burnt down. I remember wearing beanies when we were Freshmans for a short time (do they still do that?) and being totally petrified of attending a new school. I remember platform shoes and bell bottom pants being the rage. I remember the Steel Pier as if it were yesterday and listening to WMID-AM on transitor radios (was there any other station?). I remember the Planter's Peanut Man on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, hearing the Copper Kettle Fudge jingle over and over again, and loving the scent of Coppertone suntan oil. I remember having to attend only one Saturday detention briefly because I wore a turtleneck under my uniform and being asked, "What's a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this?" But most of all, I remember having to juggle three jobs to pay for my tuition as a cashier at Wernerbrooks, waitressing at the Crossroads Diner, and having a blast working the front line at Burger Chef. And lastly, I have only fond memories of Sister Francine, Sister Leonard, Father Haley, Mr. Corcoran, and my German teacher (Sister A_?) whose last name I've sadly since forgotten.

Barbara Kancy


my good friends, especially maryann mcelroy, tracy walsh, melissa hunt, carol lorenzi, patti schilling, rico and the peops from ACHS. Woody Ferry's every weekend.

Stacee Kugel


Sister Helen scolding me for leaving out the phrase "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance during the morning announcements senior year.
Senior Park: Need I say more?

Michele Sirgany


To sum up 4 years,I found the love of my life,my best friend in life and had the pleasure of knowing some great people who are still are a part of my life & my funniest,happiest memories!!

Patti Schilling


During our Freshman Year, there was a trip sponsored to Disney World, which I went on. I remember being in a small speed boat with Michelle Ireland, Patti Dalton and Michelle Melfi. Somehow, we sank the boat. But what a freaking blast. I also remember getting taken to the Absecon Police Station in Freshman year for drinking in the parking lot at the Beatles Dance--oops! My favorite memory is hanging out at Tony's Baltimore Grill in AC, with all the ACHS kids and classmates from Ducktown, Chelsea, Downbeach and more! The pizza is still my fave and I can still get a giggle thinking about Marie Cutler carrying the bus boy across the street on her back. Larry the rent a cop also a funny memory!!

Mary Moyer


Hmmm, I'm not much of a story teller. I have fond memories of the plays: Sound of Music, Fiddler and South Pacific. I enjoyed the band front, pom-pom girls, for all 4 years..... many cold Saturdays watching the football games and then performing at half time. I still remember the Sr. Trip and the sad story when (...... oh her name isn't coming to me) broke her leg. I tell that story whenever I see people trying to throw someone in a pool!!! Sub sales, the extremely loud dances, algebra with Sr. Leonard, Fr. (principal) in Shakespeare- how I ever was forced to take Shakespeare, I do not know. Crew races in the spring and Fr. D'Amico telling us to "go right home, I'm calling " after the proms.

Debra Poley


I was very involved in school activities while at Holy Spirit High School. I was in the school band front first as a flag carrier, then a pompom girl and lastly as a majorette. Back then we didn't get a lot of support from the students in the school, but as time went on, we gained respect as we started winning competitions and the like. We were under the direction of Mr. Fred Ampula. I was also in the school musicals (Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, and South Pacific). I dated Richard Higbee(Mrs. Higbee's son) most of my high school years and went to the school dances every Friday night. I went to three proms while in Holy Spirit and have a lot of fond memories of the school and of my teachers there. The friends that I hung out with were: Diana Farinelli, Deanna Mason, Marianne Delucry, Monica Bardenhagen. We remain friends to today. I even dated Eddie "Dinick" for a short time during the summer after graduation and was heartbroken to hear of his passing.
I am proud to say that I graduated from Holy Spirit High School. The spiritual foundation from my parents, my elementary school (St. Philip the Apostle) and from Holy Spirit have influenced my life and I have carried those religious beliefs throughout it. I taught CCD classes at St. Philip's, St. Anthony's and for Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Linwood NJ as well.

Judith Petti

 Reasons for a Reunion

  • All the former nerds are now great catches!
  • You’re dying for an excuse to come back to the Jersey Shore.
  • Because let's face it, most of you were just going to stay home, open a bag of chips, and watch TV all night anyway.
  • So you can stop lurking on everyone's profile and stalk them in real life instead.
  • To relive the glory days of 1977when we were younger, thinner, better looking, and worry-free!
  • To laugh, cry, and reminisce with your oldest friends.
  • You don’t have to lie about your age.
  • Rekindle or begin new relationships.
  • Enjoy some time away from the kids.
  • Use the reunion as an opportunity to diet and shape up.
  • Humor the Reunion Committee; we are a bunch of deluded diehards who think EVERYONE should show up.